Beauty Around ISSP 12′

These four young women are talented photographers, from different countries each of one of them.

Alena from Rusia

Jasmine from Argentina.

Isidora from Serbia.

Essi from Finland.

Kate from Latvia (not photographer)

Kate from Latvia (not photographer)

Proud to know them…


About dhfotografia

Persona unica como todos... Indignado por la manera como se maneja el mundo en este momento...

3 responses to “Beauty Around ISSP 12′”

  1. Kate says :

    Hi, this is Kate from Kuldīga. A big fan of your work! You also took a picture of me sitting on my windowsill this summer during your photo camp and you promissed to send it to me afterwards, but I never recieved it, for some reason I can’t seem to fortget it and I would really like to see the photo if it’s possible! Can you please send it to me?

    Best of luck,

    • dhfotografia says :

      hi Kate, hope everything is ok… I just posted your portrait on the blog, i don’t know why i didn’t do that… So, give me your email and i’ll send you the picture for sure!! Your mail was written on a box that i lost :S Big hug, and again, hope everything is 100% positive!!

  2. Claudia Alfonso says :

    Esta serie de fotografías me parecen impresionantes; la textura y el juego de sombras evocan cierta nostalgia al momento…. Y las modelos parecen tratar de decirte algo más allá, un pausado momento de sus vidas. Mi favorita es Alena 🙂


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